Why I'm running

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I believe that there is more that unites than divides us here in the Conejo Valley and that our schools should be governed from the point of view of the values we share. Spending even a few minutes at a CVUSD school board meeting makes it clear that we are a long way from this vision. We can do better. I want to help create a school board that respects and trusts the students, parents, and teachers it serves and brings us together in the joint effort to give our kids an empowering education.

I believe the school district has an unprecedented opportunity to improve school facilities with our $197 million Measure I bond funds. I want to bring my passion and experience as a Public Works employee in the City of Thousand Oaks to the school board. I understand the attention to detail, pre-planning, and collaboration from contractors and other agencies required for any major building project to be successful before a shovel is ever put in the ground. I want to help the school district change course from dealing with unprepared for surprises to having well-planned building projects.

I believe in encouraging students’ passions and inspiration wherever they find them. There’s nothing more likely to keep a child motivated in school than being engaged in something they love to do. I want to make sure teachers feel empowered to bring their enthusiasm and creativity into their classrooms because enthusiasm is catching. I want to make sure that we offer many diverse paths for students to follow through high school so that all students can find a path that excites them. I want to make sure that the district does everything it can to support the extracurricular activities that can often spark these passions and to support the parents and teachers who give so much of themselves to keep these programs going.

I believe that the district must constantly strive to offer the best possible classroom experiences to our children. I want the district to use the data that we collect to identify our most effective programs and best practices. I want to make sure we can spread these winning programs and approaches across the district so that all children can benefit. However, students don’t learn from programs. They learn from teachers. I want to make sure we provide teachers with the support, professional training, and mentoring they want and deserve.

I believe that we need to take full advantage of the Conejo Valley’s amazing open space. There is so much opportunity for expansive and engaging experiences. I want to see our students learning biology, environmental science, writing, and physical education out in our open space.

There’s so much that all of us – teachers, parents, administrators, and school board members – can do to make sure our students are given the best possible experiences inside and outside the classroom. I’m looking forward to helping bring this focus back as the common purpose that unites us.