Mary Anne Van Zuyle is smart, engaged, no-nonsense, fair, and kind, and she has more energy than anyone I know. She is fearless about taking on big problems and committed to working to provide a quality education for all students, and I mean ALL—she truly cares about underperforming students as well as GATE kids. She won’t back down or shy away from complicated issues and has the intelligence, analytical tools, and ability to work with others needed to find solutions to our difficult problems and disagreements. She will work with both teachers—whom she respects as the caring professionals they are—and parents, while supporting all students and fighting for our public schools.
  --Julie Lewis, PhD, editor, parent group board president

I have never met a more level-headed, logical, smart, insightful person.  Mary Anne Van Zuyle is a person I wholeheartedly trust to make sound, well-thought out decisions for our children.  The Conejo Valley School District would be lucky to have her wisdom and guidance.
     --Heather Gibson, Psychologist

Mary Anne is truly one of the smartest women I have met, and she has pushed me to dig deeper in solving problems. She understands the unique challenges of meeting the needs of all students in their various ways of becoming scholars. She supports teachers as professionals and accurate, research-based curricula. Your children will have an advocate with Mary Anne at the table. She has my unreserved endorsement.
     --Tricia Gaustad, Special Education Teacher

I have known Mary Anne for many years as a person compelled to do the right thing. Her deep caring for the well-being of others guides her choices in life. Her intellect and creativity permit her to be a great problem-solver and to imagine innovative ways of helping others. She is the kind of smart, caring, selfless person that is extremely rare among political circles, and who I believe will be an outstanding public servant.
   --Paul Tomascak, Geologist

Mary Anne is a forward thinking, bright, level headed person. A wonderful mother to two extraordinary children. This is who should be helping to shape the direction of education in CVUSD.
  --Lainie Donnell, Education Therapist

I have known Mary Anne for over eight years professionally. She is very thoughtful and listens to all sides on an issue. I went to CVUSD schools, my kids went there and I will soon have grandkids in the schools, and Mary Anne is the type of person I want on the school board to ensure that administrators are being held accountable, the public is informed on issues and decisions are made based on science and facts and and not beliefs and anecdotes.
   --John Brooks, Senior Analyst

Mary Anne is a thoughtful, intelligent person who values education and is deeply committed to the Conejo Valley Unified School District.
     --Julianne Henry, Adjunct Professor, California Lutheran University

Mary Anne is level headed and logical, especially in times of stress or chaos. She brings a uniquely unbiased and objective outlook to every situation. As a parent, advocate for education, and community member, she practices what she preaches and always stands up for the greater good. As a potential representative for CVUSD school board, Mary Anne can be trusted to guide us into a more reasonable, logic based, and kinder environment. I can think of no person better suited to represent our school district than Mary Anne Van Zuyle!
   --Barbara Madvin, Insurance Agent and CVUSD Parent

First off, my mom didn't ask me to write this, and realize this is coming from her 18 year old daughter. Mary Anne is an incredibly smart, level headed woman who is only doing this because she really cares about every student she may have the chance to influence. If her parenting is any indication, she will be an incredible member of the school board, or any organization for that matter. Every decision comes from a good place in her heart. Please vote Mary Anne Van Zuyle for school board because no one will put in more than she will.
  --Emma Van Zuyle

Mary Anne is one of the smartest and most effective people I know. The Conejo Valley Unified School District school board would be lucky to have her.
     --Helen Johnson, Geographic Information System Technician

I have been honored to work with Mary Anne. She is a smart, reliable, and kind colleague. She is passionate about quality and just public education. I am sure that the community will highly benefit from her service.
     --Saharnaz Mirzazad, Sustainability Analyst

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