Mike Dunn Censure Vote scheduled for February 6th Board Meeting

Agenda Item 6.1 from the CVUSD Board Meeting Agenda scheduled for February 6th is a motion to censure board member Mike Dunn, including an apology from the board to Mrs. Weihe and Mr. Harris. Note that the letter of apology will come from Board President Andersen and NOT from Mike Dunn. I don't know how satisfactory that will be to Anonymous Mommy (Mrs. Weihe) or Scott Harris.

Also note that because such a large crowd is expected, tickets will be issued for admittance to the board meeting at 3:45 pm with doors opening at 4:30 pm.

I may not be there in time to get a ticket, but I will be there nonetheless. Agenda Item 10 (hopefully before midnight) is a very important discussion of how the 2018-19 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Budget process is changing. District leadership will provide an overview of budget nomenclature and discuss proposed changes to better align LCAP goals with the Budget.

It is so painful to watch this board spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars trying to mitigate the unethical behavior of one board member when there is very important business that requires their full attention.

Text of Censure Resolution as submitted by board member Dr. Betsy Connolly.